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Myriam Bejaoui

Habite à Rotterdam
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Hey I'm Myriam! :) Originally from Tunisia but born and raised in Paris, I've now been living in the Netherlands for the past 5 years. I am a Project Manager switching slowly to Creative Producer to practice in one of my most favorite industries, the world of cinema! I'm a big movie lover, with no limitations to any type or genre of films; my creative side is not limited to that; I love reading fictional books, doing ceramic workshops and learning how to paint! On top of all this, I LOVE discovering new restaurants with friends, if you ever see my Google maps per city, you'd freak out with the number of pins in there and it's mostly for food :D To burn all those calories ( because no restrictions on the food of course), I enjoy going to spinning classes, yoga, boxing and beautiful hikes! I also love swimming, I always feel like a little fish in the ocean, as can well reflect my cover picture in Zanzibar! To close off this long description, I just want to add that I'm obsessed with dogs and I tend to cry when I see them (with happy tears naturally). I'm really looking forward to meeting new people through WeRoad and exchange even more stories, interests, and create unforgettable moments together :)